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Zhirinovsky offers choosing the Emperor of Russian federation

The Deputy of State Duma is sure that monarchy is the best bet for Russia.

25.Aug.14 1:49 PM
By Abigail Richards


Zhirinovsky offers choosing the Emperor of Russian federation
Chairman of Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky has recently shared his opinion about the fact that all political parties in Russian federation must be banned. The Official is sure that elective monarchy is the best solution for Russian Federation. According to ITAR TASS Zhirinovsky has made such statements while taking part in Russian Youth Forum which is called “Seliger”.

He pointed out that democracy is to the detriment of our country. Zhirinovsky said that there is no place for democracy in Russia Federation. It makes the country crawl while it needs to go forward confidently making huge steps. The Deputy says that the only way out is to refuse from democracy and replace it with imperial from of governance.
Chairman of Liberal Democratic Party paid attention to the fact that democracy and multiparty system have been introduced by weak countries. He is sure that Russia needs a new Emperor who will make it strong and independent.

The reaction of other deputies on such statement is still unknown. No one has shared his opinion yet.

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