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At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Youtube force feds Indians with Wiki pages

Wikipedia healing powers exposed by Youtube!

10.Mar.19 6:25 PM
By Shawn Highstraw


Youtube force feds Indians with Wiki pages
YouTube will now show warnings with a fact check when users search for topics prone to fake news or disinformation, YouTube told BuzzFeed News. For example, if users search for videos in which vaccination hazards are exaggerated, a warning will be displayed above the results. This report summarizes the erroneous claim and clearly states that this assumption is not correct. Users can press the notification for a detailed explanation.

YouTube is now testing the system in India, with 250 million users one of the largest markets for YouTube. Fact check checks on popular topics are provided by six verified fact check offices.

Many of these agencies also work with Facebook in India to track fake news about the upcoming elections in the country. In addition, fake news creates increasing tension between India and Pakistan.

The fact checkers can make their work searchable for YouTube with a few small adjustments. Then the notifications are automatically added to sensitive searches. The method would be much more workable for YouTube than showing a notification with every video, because it does not have the manpower to watch every video.

For the past year, YouTube has been showing Wikipedia information panels for videos about conspiracies. In India, the alerts on search results already work in English and Hindi. In time, YouTube wants to roll out the function to more countries and languages.

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