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You can rent a plane for crypto - officially

Crypto are approved as a mean of payment for TAF

22.Feb.21 2:37 PM
By Abigail Richards


You can rent a plane for crypto - officially
The Belgian Aviation Factory (TAF), a company that is engaged in renting private aircraft, will accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and ethereum as a means of payment. Every year, in the first TAF has more than 3000 private flights, for example, athletes, government officials, and more.

"During the lockdown, many young people became interested in trading stocks and cryptocurrencies. In doing so, some of them do not shy away from the risks and make exceptionally large profits. These millennials live in the present and have no problem booking a private jet to celebrate their success, " says Taf's CEO Carl Legein.

"A new group of private jet users has actually emerged: the 'Robinhood generation', named after the famous Trade Fair app, " continues Legein. "The question was asked more and more often whether the flight can also be paid for with crypto. It's possible."

TAF was founded in 2000 and now has offices in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Over the past two decades, the company has grown to become a market leader in the Benelux and one of the most important aviation brokers in Europe. During the coronavirus crisis, TAF was also active with, for example, hooded transports and assistance with urgent crew changes for ships and repatriation of stranded passengers.

More and more large companies accept digital coins as a means of payment. Tesla recently announced that it will accept bitcoins as a means of payment for electric cars, partly as a result of which the prices of cryptocurrencies will greatly increase. The bitcoin is currently worth nearly $ 55,000.

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