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5-year old child jumped out from the window on the 3rd floor in Vyksa, Russia

It seems like boy was afraid when he woke up and could not find his parents at home.

29.Sep.14 12:48 PM
By Alexey Kuritsyn


5-year old child jumped out from the window on the 3rd floor in Vyksa, Russia
5-year old boy jumped out of the window of his flat which is on the 3rd floor on the 23rd of September in Vyksa. This block of flats is located on Lisa Chaykina street. The information is provided by “Vremya N” informational agency with the reference on Police department.

According to the information provided a boy was brought up in a happy family. However his parents go to work rather early in the morning. That is why their good friend used to take a kid to the kindergarten. This time a boy woke up a bit earlier then usually. When he could not find his parents he was very afraid, went to the balcony and jumped.

Parents have been immediately informed about this incident. They hurried to the police station where their son was kept at that moment. Later young superman was taken to the hospital due to several injuries and broken shin. Doctors say that his health conditions are absolutely normal at the moment.

Police is checking all facts of the incident.

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