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Yakunin, Miller and Sechin are obliged to reveal their Salary

The heads of three largest governmental companies are obliged to reveal and publish their salaries online as well as income of their family members.

24.Dec.14 10:00 AM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Yakunin, Miller and Sechin are obliged to reveal their Salary
At the same time government has already approved of the whole list of organizations and their directors who will also have to reveal their salary and income. They include 62 different enterprises in all major fields. Apart from Russian Railways, Gazprom and Rosneft the list includes such companies as Aeroflot, Rostelekom, Rosatom, SBERBANK and many others.

The list of those who are obliged to reveal their salaries includes directors of enterprises, their deputies, accountants and managing staff. At the same time in accordance with new governmental obligations managers must also reveal all information connected with their expenses. They are also obliged to publish income of their family members and children under 18.

However experts are sure that a strong will and courage are necessary for providing such kind of information to the public. For example, the head of Russian railways Vladimir Yakunin noted that such information can result in directs danger to his relatives and family members which can lead to horrible consequences.

At the same time information about managersí salary in governmental companies is no longer a secret.

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