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XBrick; Revolutionizing Crypto Trading Like Never Before

XBrick; Revolutionizing Crypto Trading Like Never Before

18.Jun.18 9:25 PM
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XBrick; Revolutionizing Crypto Trading Like Never Before
XBrick is a blockchain powered trading platform that supports automatic KYC verification and incorporates cold storage system for managing and supporting the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Operating since November 2017, the platform ensures that data is transferred in a SSL encrypted environment with its high-end, multi-clustered architecture. As of now, XBrick can process around 2 million orders every second and it is about to launch its 2.0 system. The new system will have its own Research and Development order book which is provided by a top notch engine for liquidity monitoring. The platform has also launched their latest XBrick coin which designed to assist users in paying the trading frees of operating the platform.

Our Opinion

Going by the looks of it, XBrick seems like a viable, safe and actionable project. The makers Leafer Zhao, Bill Yang and Nick Cheng come with solid experience in handling cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. So going by their credentials, the project seems quite legitimate. In terms of features too, the platform doesn’t disappoint. Whether it’s the top notch security, the proprietary technologies that manages liquidity issues, the fast transactions or the democratized methods of BTC trading- the platform covers almost every relevant area that you’d expect from a crypto exchange system. Quite recently, they have also launched their XBrick coin which won’t simplify transactions on the platform but will also let the users gain exclusive access to some specific features. Overall, going by the features and the initial reviews, the platform seems quite promising.


XBrick has come up with several innovations; that truly revolutionizes the system of crypto trading platforms. Here’s a quick insight on the innovations.

High End Security

Since the makers of the platform come with a solid background in investment banking and technology, they’ve specifically ensured top-grade security for the system. The platform uses SSL encrypted systems for data transfers and it operates in a multi-clustered environment. Additionally, the cold storage system for crypto management seems equally impressive.

Excellent System for Handling Liquidity Issues

The company uses proprietary technology under more than 50 developers for solving basic to complex liquidity problems from their very grass root level. They’ve incorporated a highly sophisticated technology for scanning and gathering liquidity from several channels across the globe. With this platform, users get a chance to access the worldwide crypto markets where they can buy/sell their tokens at the best possible prices.

Quick and Hassle Free Transactions

Speed is perhaps the backbone of cryptocurrency trading. And this is yet another sector where XBrick excels in. The company processes around 2 million orders for a single second. The very speed gives them an excellent capacity for growth as they eventually scale. They also come with an automated KYC system that lets you use your local documents and run proper and timely online verifications.

In addition to these features, the platform also democratizes the trading of BTC by denominating it in different parts.

ICO Token Sale

Like I already mentioned, Brick has launched their XBrick Tokens which is already up for sale from May 11, 2018. The sale will end on May 31, 2018 and as of now; the value of 1 ETH is equivalent to 15,000 XBC.

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