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Working pensioners will get a rise to pensions

The Pension Fund of Russia will realize a recalculation of pensions for 14 million working pensioners.

04.Aug.14 10:29 PM
By Michael Prygunov


Working pensioners will get a rise to pensions
This year in August working pensioners will receive increased pension as a result of adjustment, conducted by the Pension Fund of Russia. According to the calculations of the Fund the increase will affect 14 million working pensioners, or 37 % of the citizens who receive a pension. This was reported on the official website of the Pension Fund of Russia.

There is no need to fill in special forms, recalculation is entitled to old-age pensioners, disabled people, for which the employer within 2013 and (or) in the 1st quarter of current year has paid insurance contributions.

The increase of pensions in this case is individual and depends on the size of wages and age. The longer a person is receiving benefits, the less the number of years, which will be divided with the amount paid by an employer, as a result, the increase in pensions will be higher.

Besides the change of pensions to working pensioners beginning from August, 2014 there will be a rise of pensions for the citizens who receive pensions in term pension payments, or in the form of cumulative part of the pension.

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