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Women under 40 will not be able to Smoke in Russia

Such resolution is considered by deputies of State Duma.

25.Feb.15 12:12 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Women under 40 will not be able to Smoke in Russia
Women under 40 will not be able to buy cigarettes. At the same time women who visit shops with their children in order to buy a pack, will be refused no matter how old mom is. Moreover there can be input a ban in Russia which prohibits young women to smoke. Such resolution is considered by the deputies of State Duma at the moment.

According to new law shops are prohibited selling cigarettes to women who are under 40 as well as women who go shopping together with their children. If a seller has any doubts regarding the age of woman who is eager to buy cigarettes, he is allowed asking for ID or any other document that will confirm her age. In case she does not have such documents, she will be refused in selling tobacco products. New law also considers a set of fees for its violations. For example, individuals will have to pay up to $100, officials – up to $1 000, legal entities up to $2 500.

According to an explanation note to this law recent medical studies and researches have shown a great harm for women’s health which is caused by smoking. Reproductive system suffers in a great way. As a result those women who smoke have sometimes health problems during their pregnancy period. Moreover there are occasions when they are unable to become pregnant at all due to this nasty habit.    

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