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With 50,000 reached again BTC is aiming at the new ATH

Analysts argue about the new rally. That's what they always do.

23.Aug.21 8:31 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


With 50,000 reached again BTC is aiming at the new ATH
The value of the bitcoin cryptocurrency has exceeded 50,000 dollars for the first time since mid-May, during the night of Sunday to Monday. In May, bitcoin fell by about 40 percent in value. Since July, the rate has been on the rise again.

Analysts and traders do not agree whether the price recovery is sustainable.

While some claim that the road to further appreciation or even doubling to $ 100,000 is open, others warn that the value of bitcoin will now simply fluctuate within an extended bandwidth.

Since the statements of Tesla CEO Elon Musk during the online bitcoin meeting B Word on July 21, the price has been on the rise again. Musk stated that Tesla still intends to embrace the digital currency as a means of payment as soon as its extraction is less burdensome for the environment. He said he saw a lot of progress in that area at the time.

Bitcoin peaked at over $ 63,000 in early April.

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