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Wikipedia blocking in Turkey overturned in court

Blockade of Wikipedia by government illegal, judges of Turkish court decide

27.Dec.19 11:41 AM
By Abigail Richards


Wikipedia blocking in Turkey overturned in court
The Turkish Constitutional Court has ruled that the blockade of Wikipedia that has been in force in the country since 2017 is illegal. The Turkish journalist Ragıp Soylu reports this on Twitter.

The Turkish government blocked access to Wikipedia in April of 2017. The reason was an article on the Internet Cyclopedia that reported that Turkish officials would have traded with the Islamic State terror group.

According to the Turkish court, the blockade violates fundamental human rights, specifically freedom of expression. In Turkey, citizens of the courts must now immediately regain access to the internet cyclopedia, writes news site Haberturk. Ten judges voted in favor, six against.

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