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WikiLeaks called for a bragging exchange Coinbase

WikiLeaks Shop account was blocked without explanation.

23.Apr.18 1:51 AM
By Jeff Bannister


WikiLeaks called for a bragging exchange Coinbase

The WikiLeaks organization has called for a boycott of the most massive coin exchange Coinbase for blocking the crypto-currency purse of the WikiLeaks Shop without explaining the reason. This WikiLeaks reported on her Twitter account. 

In the opinion of the management of the anonymous organization, the crypto-exchange exchange violated the terms of service by blocking the purse without prior notification and indicating the exact reason. In the message, the trade has only stated that WikiLeaks Shop violates the Terms of Service, but in which way it was not indicated. 

WikiLeaks called for a global boycott of the crypto exchange for censorship. Some users supported such an initiative and promised to abandon the services of Coinbase.

The organization WikiLeaks became famous for the spread of classified data. As a rule, the organization does not disclose the sources of data receipt. For this, her activities are trying to block. Earlier, the US Democratic Party filed for WikiLeaks, accusing the organization of preparing a hacker attack during the presidential election. 

WikiLeaks Shop distributes souvenir attributes with the company's logo. Money from it goes to the development of WikiLeaks.

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