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Why is it useful to play computer games

There are several reasons.

09.Nov.16 8:01 AM
By Abigail Richards


Why is it useful to play computer games
Many scientists and doctors say that computer games are harmful and dangerous to humans. But they can not prove it. This assumption, not a fact. International scientists have conducted studies and have called a few reasons why it is useful to play computer games, such as juegos kizi, and these are facts.

First - computer games are useful for vision. To such conclusion the American scientists from the University of Rochester. These six months have seen the students who played computer games. It turned out that they have a better view than volunteers who did not play in the game. Scientists say that this fact is only a limited pastime at the computer.

American scientists say that gamers increased visual response. They can simultaneously monitor multiple sites. This is a very good effect on the quality of vision.

Experts from Manchester were able to show that computer games train the skill of spatial thinking. This skill is very good in everyday life. Children who play video games, this skill is developing faster than in adults.

Scientists at Emory University say that computer games are able to deliver the person in pain. Playing video games can distract from pain without drugs. Especially games help patients with serious chronic diseases. Computer games help patients control their pain.

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