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Why Donald Trump has sent James Comey in the resignation?

Donald Trump has sent in the resignation 56-year-old James Comey, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The White House said that the decision of the President of the United States was made in accordance with the recommendation of the attorney-general Jeff and Roman sessions.

11.May.17 11:03 AM
By Christina Orlina


Why Donald Trump has sent James Comey in the resignation?
The leader of the faction of democrats in the U.S. Senate Chuck Schumer expressed the concern about the dismissal of James Comey: “If the current of an administration had objections to the way the FBI was investigating Clinton, this would have to be announced immediately after the President took the office. But then they had to fire him. So why suddenly do it now, when, as we know, the FBI studied, conspired the campaign of headquarters of Trump with the Russians?”.

Earlier, ex-candidate in US presidents from democrats Hillary Clinton laid on Comey a part of the responsibility for her defeat in the elections: the head of the FBI announced the resumption of the investigation against her for a few days before the vote. During the hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee in April, Comey rejected the accusations. He said that he could not announce the resumption of the investigation. 

The Director of the FBI for the 10-year term of James Comey appointed in 2013 by the previous president Barack Obama. The White House announced that has already begun to choose candidates for the post of head of intelligence. And while his duties will be performed by the deputy of Comey, Andrew Maccabe.

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