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Which crypto currency is popular?

The rise in the value of digital currency creates a real stir.

21.Dec.17 6:59 AM
By Natalia Klyachina


Which crypto currency is popular?
The Crypto-currency has confidently entered the life of the modern world. In different countries there are special exchanges. They collect large structures of investors around themselves. Leading tabloids record an intensive rise in the cost of bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first crypto currency. His course today is 16,000 dollars. The rate of this crypto currency is extremely volatile. The proof is the previous peaks of value, which were equal to 19000 dollars. There is another popular currency - the ethereum. His rate is 820 dollars. It is lower than the bitcoin rate. However, the volatility of the ethereum is also quite high. It is the ethereum in terms of capitalization is in second place after bitcoin. The resource gives a detailed description of each crypto currency.

Bitcoin became the first decentralized p2p payment system. The users of the system must be responsible for its maintenance. Ethereum is also a mining network. Both systems are based on blocking technology. Bitcoin was created 19 years ago. A certain developer Wei Dai in 1998 first described the idea of crypto currency. The ethereum, unlike the first crypto currency, was created quite recently - in 2014. This young crypto currency and its founder is Vitalik Buterin.

The ethereum and bitcoin are very similar to each other. They are both an open platform. This type allows it to be decentralized. These popular crypto currencies also have differences. Transition ethereum takes 30 seconds. A bitcoin consumes up to 10 minutes. The main difference between these crypto-currencies is the subject of service. The ethereum is capable of serving the entire structure of decentralized applications. Bitcoin can serve only the digital currency itself and all its operations.

The first crypto currency bitcoin has a number of advantages: a small commission, payments with no risk, security and transaction control, transparency. Ethereum is a young crypto currency. But he has every chance of catching up bitcoin in the future. The developers of the ethereum platform continue to improve it. The risk of depreciation is in any crypto currency.

All users make their choice regarding crypto currency. Someone buys only one kind, and someone invests in several. In any case, the digital currency has become widespread in our lives. Many trade organizations around the world began to accept this currency. World experts are divided in opinion about crypto-currency. Someone sees in it the future, and someone considers it a «soap bubble».

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