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WhatsApp rolls out a beta of SIM-less access to the messenger

Trying to improve spoiled privacy image isn't an easy task

15.Jul.21 8:57 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
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WhatsApp rolls out a beta of SIM-less access to the messenger
WhatsApp has started a test where people can log in to the chat service without the need for a phone connection. This is a public but limited beta test, writes Facebook on its website.

The test allows people to use WhatsApp on their phone and on four other devices. This can be done without a connection and therefore also if the phone is empty, for example. According to WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption ensures user privacy, while syncing names and conversations. However strong ties with Facebook makes the promises obsolete.

The chat service first starts with this test to see how the user experience can be improved. Additional features may also be added before the feature becomes available to all WhatsApp users. When that happens is not yet known.

Up until now, pairing with a smartphone has always been important for the service. For example, you can only use WhatsApp on web after you have established a connection to your phone.

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