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What to expect of 2017, expertsí projections

Traditionally on the Eve of New Year holidays experts make projections of what to expect of the following year. We have collected expertsí estimates of what may happen in 2017.

02.Jan.17 9:58 AM
By Anna Tuzova


What to expect of 2017, expertsí projections
One of the main expert anticipations the next year is lifting or at least weakening of sanctions, imposed by the USA and EU countries against Russia. And according to analysts there are many reasons to hope for that. Thus, the authoritative information agency Bloomberg states that more than 50% of economists say that during the next year the anti-Russian embargo would be lifted or significantly weakened. 40% of experts believe that sanctions imposed by EU would be lifted.

A number of economists suggest that the political instability of Italia threatens to provoke the crisis of banking system.  In conjunction to other factors experts predict the gross domestic of EU lowering to 1,4% against 1,7% in 2016. Experts foresee even greater slowdown in Great Britainís economy to 1,3% instead of 2,1% the year before. To Chinese economy is predicted to continue the slowdown too, against the decline in construction and automotive sector. Chinese authorities have begun to curtail the program of supporting of this sector because of the fear of fueling a bubble. 

Experts suggest that the CB of Russia will lower the key rate, which will lead to the reducing the price of loans to companies and natural persons. This would support the real economy. According the analysts, the rate could amount to 8,5-8%.

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