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What the TokenGo platform offers

The correct choice of the platform guarantees the success of the ICO and the further development of the cryptographic platform.

01.Feb.18 10:56 AM
By Abigail Richards
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What the TokenGo platform offers
Today the TokenGo platform is very popular. And in this, as experts say, there is nothing surprising, because the platform has a lot of advantages. All the advantages of TokenGo platform appeared due to the fact that experts have studied in detail all the main needs of the market and the system was filled with all the nuances of the individual to develop, launch and conduct ICO. The functional of the platform was conveniently diluted by an innovative approach, which gives a lot of opportunities.

According to experts who have repeatedly analyzed the platform, TokenGo its functionality is not inferior, and in some ways even surpasses Ethereum. And that says a lot in the first place that the platform is ideal for Blokcheyn tokenization business as it provides a lot of features and tools.

The first advantage of this platform is a special consensus algorithm. It is a kind of hybrid of several known protocols. It is also worth noting and accounting for the aggregate availability of tokens in conjunction with the user's activity in the system. It is important to note that the service ecosystem is backed up by two types of own production tokens - GoCoin cryptonyms and GoPower tokens.

TokenGo platform has several convenient and useful tools. First of all, it is worth noting the presence of a personal user cabinet. The important thing is that it has a customizable functional and interface. The personal cabinet contains all the information about the user, his transactions, bonus of the invited person , availability of funds and much more. No less useful tool - the designer of sites and landings. It offers all users of the system the integration of all existing resources. At the same time, integration is very fast and efficient.

It is also important to note the designer of smart contracts. It allows the participants of the service, using templates, to select the most suitable types of ICO and much more.

And, of course, it is worth highlighting the presence of its own exchange kriptovalyut. Due to this, users can conduct instant operations to convert digital money without using other resources. In other words, all actions with crypto currency can be carried out on the spot.

As the experts note, all these tools work separately, they are integrated into one only within the framework of the TokenGo platform. According to experts, if you take into account this fact, you can not doubt the popularity of this platform today. She leads the way in all indicators and criteria. ICO start date in late February.

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