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Weapon may be Allowed Using for All Types of Self-Defense in Russia

Some types of weapon currently may not be used for self-defense.

17.Mar.15 5:18 PM
By Abigail Richards


Weapon may be Allowed Using for All Types of Self-Defense in Russia
State Duma Deputy Alexey Zhuravlev is planning to offer new law project. It will be related to usage of weapon for self-defense. According to this law Russian citizens may be allowed using all kinds of weapon for self-defense. Zhuravlev is sure that current law standards are not efficient enough. At the same time citizens are allowed using weapon only in case their personal life at risk in accordance with Criminal Code of Russian Federation. Several political parties and fractions have already supported new law.

Zhuravlelv pays attention to the fact that particular changes should be made in existing law concerning “necessary self-defense”. It should include the exact list of weapons which may be used in case of threatening. In addition it should also determine the list of prohibited weapons which can’t be used in case a person was not able to determine the level of risk for his life. Current laws sometimes result in accusation of a person who was forced to defend himself as well as his property and health. Sometimes such actions are evaluated by court as cold-blooded murder which is not.

It should also be noted that Russian citizens have a right to purchase long arms and smoothbore guns including hunting and sports guns. However they are not allowed using it for self-defense with the exception of occasions when the life of a citizen is put at risk.

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