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Walmart filed a patent application for a blockchain for retail trade

The system proposed in the new patent application will allow the customer to register the initial purchase of any product.

22.May.18 8:18 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Walmart filed a patent application for a blockchain for retail trade
The newsletter reports that the application for the patent agency from the American Walmart store chain details the blocking solution, with which it is possible to increase the number of digital offers for customers of this famous universal store in America. The document details how the distributed registry will make it possible to track the goods sold in stores to a particular person.

The system allows customers to register their initial purchase and choose the cost for resale - the program will work as a global digital market, it will use the delivery of goods from the application, which was patented by Walmart earlier.

The distributed register will monitor all stages of the purchase of goods, during the transfer of products from sellers to couriers, and then to buyers. The proposed system was developed by Walmart last fall, at the same time the first testing of the new program by a group of individuals in the state of California was conducted.

Walmart is not the only company that uses blocking technology in the course of payment for goods and their delivery. Recently we wrote about an extensive trading network Alibaba Group, which actively patents blockchain solutions for its trading activities.

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