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Wallet demonstrates the Demo version of the network for Ethereum

A new video demo was released this week.

29.Nov.17 1:37 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Wallet demonstrates the Demo version of the network for Ethereum

According to ETH Zurich researcher Arthur Gervais, it shows how ethereum wallets can function with the help of the Lightning Network mechanism, a payments protocol originally designed to improve bitcoin.

This is a noteworthy step, since networks of payments outside the network have long been advertised as scaling chain solutions, such as bitcoin and ethereum. And although the wallets are not yet ready for use, the demo from the new Gervais project, called Liquidity Network, indicates that more people in the ethereum community are interested in adopting the technology.

For users, the wallet functions similarly to other ethereum wallets, it allows users to send and receive ether. But under the hood, the wallet is more complicated, allowing users to connect to so-called "hubs" if they canít connect directly. In the demo version, Gervais shows that one user depositing 100 wei (a tiny ether split) to the hub.

Since the connection can then be used to send payments to any other user connected to the same hub, Gervais instantly sends 50 wei payments for one user and 30 wei for each other.

Liquidity Network is working on a relatively new network outside the network for ethereum, which can be an alternative to the well-known Raiden network.

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