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Wall Street opened in the red because of concern about low inflation, the policy of Trump

The U.S. stock market declined on Thursday after the release of the protocol of the July meeting of the Federal Reserve System.

17.Aug.17 12:58 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Wall Street opened in the red because of concern about low inflation, the policy of Trump

The protocol pointed to the growing concern of officials over sluggish inflation, as well as amid doubts by investors about the ability of U.S. President Donald Trump to implement his political initiatives aimed at economic growth.

All 11 sectors went into negative territory, while the leaders of decline were the index of technology companies, which lost 0.74 %.

The fall of Cisco securities by 4 % had the most pressure on the indices of S & P and Nasdaq, while the decline in Wal-Mart shares by 2 % hit the Dow hardest.

Sluggish inflation caused concern that the Fed could slow the pace of tightening monetary policy, although the economy is moderately growing and the unemployment rate is at a minimum of 16 years.

By 17.10 GMT, the Dow Jones index dropped 0.42 % to 21,931.94 points, the S & P 500 index - by 0.39 % to 2,458.55 points, the Nasdaq Composite index - by 0.53 % to 6.311.18 points.

According to the data released on Thursday, the number of applications for unemployment benefits in the United States for the past week fell to 232,000, while analysts, based on preliminary data, predicted a decrease to 240,000.

Paper of Alibaba broke a record high, as the company's revenue exceeded forecasts.

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