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Wall Street opened higher after data on inflation

U.S. stock markets opened higher for the first time in four days on Friday.

11.Aug.17 1:21 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Wall Street opened higher after data on inflation

This is due to data that pointed to low inflation, which could prevent the Fed from raising the rate this year, although investors remained cautious due to increased tensions between the U.S. and the DPRK.

Nevertheless, the S & P 500 may show a maximum weekly decline in about nine months.

In connection with increased tension after comments by U.S. leader Donald Trump on Tuesday that Washington will respond to the threat from Pyongyang's "fire and fury," world stock markets lost about $ 1 trillion.

The CBOE Volatility index, which is an indicator of the expected volatility of the market in the short term, has closed at a maximum since the presidential elections in the United States.

Inflation in the US was 0.1 percent in July in monthly terms, while analysts were expecting a 0.2 percent increase in consumer prices.

Inflation does not reach the target for the Fed 2 percent, despite the low level of unemployment.

By 17.23 GMT, the Dow Jones index added 0.20 percent to 21.88.47 points, the S & P 500 index - 0.29 percent to 2.445.38 points, the Nasdaq Composite index - 0.56 percent to 6.251.69 points.

Paper Snap fell 10.66 percent after the disappointing results of the company.

Actions J.C. Penney sank by 15.92 percent, as the retailer reported on the quarterly loss that exceeded expectations.

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