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A small victory for financial regulators: what will happen to the crypto industry next?

The international program on combating cryptocurrency fraud started only a few days ago but has alre...

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The SEC adopted a number of complaints about Coinbase
24.Jun.18 1:03 AM | 29

The complaints took 134 pages.

George Friedman: blockchain will ever be hacked
23.Jun.18 1:24 AM | 25

Technology is valuable in security, but it will not always be so.

Manufacturers of video cards are faced with a fall in demand
22.Jun.18 5:09 AM | 36

Mining equipment is losing its popularity.

Crypto-instruments will fight money laundering with Europol
22.Jun.18 4:55 AM | 26

The community will confront criminals, with the support of the authorities.

Lithuania will launch the world's first ICO platform
22.Jun.18 3:38 AM | 63

ICO will be held legally.

Blockchain-platform MoviesChain refused ICO
22.Jun.18 3:33 AM | 37

This is due to the unfavorable situation in the crypto-currency market.

Stanford University Launches New Research Center for Blockchain
22.Jun.18 3:22 AM | 33

The initiative was supported, among other things, by Vitalik Buterin.

The first cryptomat appeared at the airport in Amsterdam
21.Jun.18 8:51 AM | 22

Crypto-investors will be easier to travel.

South Korea's crypto-currency community expects major changes
21.Jun.18 8:36 AM | 28

The authorities decided to take the industry seriously.

British crypto-exchange launches light-futures trading
21.Jun.18 12:12 AM | 43

Crypto Facilities will launch light-futures trading next Friday.

The demand for video cards has fallen sharply in the world
21.Jun.18 12:08 AM | 45

Mining is no longer profitable.

Nasdaq will launch a blockchan-based platform to fulfill collateral requirements
21.Jun.18 12:03 AM | 31

The platform will ensure execution of collateral requirements for margin trading.

On Twitter, the crypto-birzi Bithumb reported a hacker attack
20.Jun.18 11:58 AM | 15

The report said that scammers stole more than $ 30 million.

To conduct crypto-currency operations in Cambodia will have to obtain a license
20.Jun.18 11:34 AM | 23

The authorities intend to take control of actively growing trading.

Capgemini SA: Millionaires are investing more and more in cryptocurrencies
20.Jun.18 5:02 AM | 20

Interest is growing - investments are also increasing.

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