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"Volga" defeated the Irkutsk "Baikal"

All goals scored on account of defenders "Volga".

08.Apr.16 9:21 AM
By Irina Kliachina
Photo screenshot, FC Volga Nizhny Novgorod


"Volga" defeated the Irkutsk "Baikal"
Nizhny Novgorod "Volga" won a major victory in superiority FNL, beating at the Central stadium "the locomotive" visitors from Irkutsk, football players of club "Baikal" with the score 4:1 (2:1).

It should be noted that all goals in this match were scored by defenders of the Nizhny Novgorod team. In the first half, scored Konstantin Garbuz and Andrew Buffalo 2:0. However, shortly before the break, the players of "Volga" Bogdanov allowed Edward to escape one-on-one with Vaselinum, and forward "Baikal" is not missed, 2:1.

After the break the hosts doubled their advantage. Garbuz scored the second goal in this match, and Cyril Painters put the final point, 4:1. Cyril Painters after the game was awarded a special prize "Discovery of the year 2015" in the "Volga".

Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday, April 5 the decision of the Appellate Committee of the RFU was denied the football club "Volga" in the appeal against the decision of the FTC on removal of 6 points.

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