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Vladimir Putin told how to treat crypto-currencies

The Russian president believes that the state can not have its own digital currency.

08.Jun.18 4:59 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Vladimir Putin told how to treat crypto-currencies
Russian leader Vladimir Putin believes that crypto-currencies are a phenomenon that transcends national boundaries. For this reason, neither the Russian Federation nor any other country can simply have its own digital currency. With this statement, the President spoke in response to questions coming in the framework of the "straight line".

The head of state reminded that in most countries virtual money is not used to pay for services and purchase goods. This is hampered by regulators, calling for as careful as possible to treat crypto transactions. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation adheres to a similar position: digital assets can not be used for settlements, since they are not provided with anything.

Vladimir Putin noted at the same time that such a phenomenon as a crypto currency is not just there, but is also developing, so you can not leave it without attention. The President stressed the importance of studying digital assets and analyzing their impact on different spheres of life.

It is worth noting that the collection of information on crypto-currencies are engaged in most countries of the world. For example, in the state of New York, USA, a working group will be created to assess the possible risks of using virtual money.

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