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Vladimir Putin Reported on His Incomes in 2014

His report was followed by income reports provided by employees of the presidential administration.

02.Apr.15 3:56 PM
By Abigail Richards


Vladimir Putin Reported on His Incomes in 2014
President of Russian federation Vladimir Putin reported on his incomes in 2014. President’s assistant Dmitry Peskov said that the head of state forwarded his declaration of income for 2014 to Internal Revenue service on time.

“Today the term of providing income declaration has expired. All declarations have been provided to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with all rules as per schedule. All declarations will be published within two weeks after processing. They will be published in particular volume determined by publication standards and rules”, - said Dmitry Peskov.

Peskov also noted that State Duma Deputies have also provided their declarations of income for 2014. Some of them completed this procedure on the last day, April 1st. President’s assistant insured that this procedure is taken very seriously in Kremlin. After all declarations will be checked and processed, they will be available to the public. Processing will take a couple of weeks.

It should be reminded that according to Putin’s declaration of income for 2013 Presidnet of Russian Federation possess land, apartment and garage. He also has several Russian autos which include GAZ M-21, GAZ M-21-R, NIVA and auto trailer “Skif”. It is also known that total income of Russian president in 2013 was $60 000.

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