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VKontatke Was Obliged to Delete All “Korol I Shut” and “Aria” Songs

Social network will have to delete bands’ songs in the nearest future.

01.Jul.15 2:58 PM
By Abigail Richards


VKontatke Was Obliged to Delete All “Korol I Shut” and “Aria” Songs
St. Petersburg Arbitral Court has obliged the hugest Russian social network to delete 60 tracks which belong to claimant Soyuz Studio record label. The tracks mainly include songs written and played by “Korol I Shut” and “Aria” popular rock bands.

The President of Owners Association non-profitable partnership Pavel Katkov said that this is already second court decision. The first claim was initiated towards YouTube video portal by Moscow City Court in March 2015. Katkov paid attention to the fact that the main goal is not to delete all tracks and songs from the Internet but to establish legal relations between content owners and websites which will be based on licensed agreements.

At the same time it is known that representatives of VKontakte social network are planning to appeal against such decision made by St. Petersburg Arbitral Court which obliged them to delete all tracks and songs released by Soyuz Studio recording company. Such information has been provided by press-secretary of the social network Georgy Lobushkin: “Court’s decision has not come into force yet. We are going to appeal against it”, - he said.

It should be noted that VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia and Ukraine.

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