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Visiting Russia for Foreigners will be more Beneficiary then Stay at Home

Ministry of Russian Tourism told about benefits for foreigners.

23.Mar.15 8:25 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Visiting Russia for Foreigners will be more Beneficiary then Stay at Home
Visiting Russia may become less expensive for foreigners comparison with stating in their native country in the nearest future. Such statement was made by Deputy Head of Russian federal Tourist Agency Sergey Korneev. The main reason for such benefits is connected with low ruble exchange rate, of course.

Korneev said that Moscow has already been presented at Berlin Tourist Exhibition. Presentation included description of prices in restaurants and hotels. It became obvious for Europeans that visiting Russian capital will be even less expensive than spending time in their native country.

At the same time the Head of Russian Federal Tourist Agency thinks that foreign tourists will be attracted not only by low price level. He thinks that many Europeans are interested in history and culture off small Russian towns as well as their customs, folk festivals, celebrations and traditions.  In addition ecological tourism is becoming more and more popular nowadays as well as voyages and water excursions.

It is also noted that several non-commercial inner partners will be created for Russian tourist branch in 2015. They will be aimed on development of Russian regions making them more attractive to foreign tourists.

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