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VIP Border Check Will be Closed in Russian Airports

VIP passengers will stay in lines together with the rest people.

02.Jul.15 1:20 PM
By Abigail Richards


VIP Border Check Will be Closed in Russian Airports
VI border checks are closed in Russian airports. Such measures were initiated by Federal Security Service. Its representatives insisted on closing VIP border checks in special departments provided by Russian airports for VIP passengers. In other words those citizens which are considered to be VIPs will now have to stay in line with the rest of the passengers in order to complete the customs check. All border checks for VIPs have been closed since July 1.

However, they will still have an opportunity to proceed with check in procedure in special VIP halls. They will only have to stay in line while passing through the passport control.

It is known that this question has been discussed since June 30 during special meeting of all major airport representatives as well as Federal Security Service.

On the other hand experts say that there should be rather serious reason for closing down VIP border checks as such service appears to be rather profitable. It helps airports to earn additional $200,000 annually which is not so bad. That is why some analytics say that those border checks were not closed. Their operation was sopped for some time.

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