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Victor Zubarev: “US sanctions are to the detriment of American companies on territory of Russia”

New sanctions against Russia are absolutely useless for the USA.

21.Jul.14 10:54 AM
By Alexey Kuritsyn


Victor Zubarev: “US sanctions are to the detriment of American companies on territory of Russia”
Victor Zebarev who coordinates “Yedinaya Rossiya” liberal platform and is also a deputy of State Duma of Russia has shared his opinion regarding new US sanctions against Russia.

He is sure that such measures will be of no use for the United States. In other words Russia will not suffer from serious economic damage: “These sanctions are something more like a fever. They will not do a lot of harm to our economy. At the same time they can do a lot of harm to American business which is concentrated on territory of Russian Federation. We should not forget about tough competition between US, European and Asian companies.
It will be harder for American companies to take part in this competition due to their sanctions. It means that Washington operates against any possible logical explanation. They put at risk their own economy which is rather weak at the moment”.

US sanctions will have a great negative effect on the biggest American enterprises on the territory of Russia. The majority of them operate in gas and oil fields. Zubarev is sure that it will not take US government a lot of time in order to understand that such sanctions are useless for them. They need to concentrate on cooperation with Russian companies.

We should not that new sanctions against Russia have been implemented on the 16th of July 2914. They affect large banks, energy and DIC enterprises.
European investors have already expressed their negative opinion about such drastic measures.

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