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Usmanov Paid Capello

It is already 2nd time when Usmanov help Russian Federation of Sport in solving financial problems.

23.Jun.15 2:04 PM
By Irina Klyachina


Usmanov Paid Capello
Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov who is also a co-owner of Arsenal football club provided Russian federation of Sports with financial support which is aimed on paying out the debt to head coach of Russian football team Fabio Capello. This is the second time businessman provides funds for solving financial problems of Russian Federation of Sports during the last 6 months. This time Usanov gave $6 million.

This sum will be enough to pay out the debt to coaching staff of Russian football team. However, there is still rather important question regarding penalty in case Capello will be fired. It is prescribed by the contract and is about 650,000.

The contract has one key condition for the coach to keep his position which is qualifying of his team to the final part of Euro 2016. Only if the team fails to do that, there will be one legal reason for firing Capello without financial penalty for the Russian side. It should be noted that after the last loss of Russian team the task of qualifying to the next round has become extremely hard. This was the main reason for tones of criticism and loss of reputation towards the head coach.

Deputy head of Russian federation of Sports Nikita Simonyan has not confirmed the information about the fact that decision regarding future of Capello has already been taken. It will be discussed during a meeting of the Federation members on June 24.

Some experts make their forecasts regarding new head coach f Russian team. Some say it is going to be Leonid Slutsky or Oleg Konanov. It should be noted that contract determines various conditions for the coach including a ban on working in a club apart from main team.

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