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Used Cars have become twice more expensive in Russia

Such increase resulted in growth of demand.

14.Jan.15 1:02 PM
By Abigail Richards


Used Cars have become twice more expensive in Russia
Russian citizens started purchasing more foreign used cars. Such growth of demand resulted in price increase. Now used cars are twice more expansive in comparison with previous month.

Lexus ES price increase is more rapid in comparison with all other autos of different bands. 2011 model has become 46% higher which is approximately $277 000. Experts say that the price of used cars will keep growing. At the same time used autos will get on the secondary market. However deficit of automobiles is evident even now.

The situation and demand growth are also influenced by high auto credit rates as well as misbalance of currency exchange market. That is why more and more Russian consumers will be interested in purchasing used cars.

Moreover experts are sure that prices of used cars will keep growing also on secondary market. However such increase will not exceed price growth of new autos.

We have already informed our readers about the fact that Ministry of Transport was planning to get rid of all old and used autos in Russia. The officials offered to establish new ecological law and forbid old autos enter the city. Such initiative is supposed t stimulate renewal of auto park as well as improve ecological situation in the country.

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