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US has stolen Russian Shuttle

New US shuttle design is equal to Soviet spacecraft.

21.Oct.14 3:41 PM
By Mihail Prygunov


US has stolen Russian Shuttle
Sierra Nevada US Company has already displayed its new shuttle design during its presentation in NASA. It turned out that design of this shuttle is absolutely equal to Soviet spacecraft which is called “Bor-4”. It is unmanned orbital rocket plane which is used specially for “Buran” project. This information is provided by TASS information agency with the reference to Director of United Space and Rocket Corporation Dmitry Paison.

Sierra Nevada has taken place in NASA competition among other companies which will be chosen later for construction of new shuttle that will take astronauts to Space Station. At the same time this spacecraft has also been resented on the 65th Astronaut Congress in Toronto. Dmitry Paison paid attention to the fact that projects of SpaceX and Boeing have turned out to be the most interesting and attractive. On the other hand works and ideas of Soviet scientists have been stolen by developers of Sierra Nevada Company while creating their Dream Chaser.

SpaceX and Boeing have successfully one the NASA competition which is not surprising. These companies will get necessary funds and investments from their space agents. However Sierra Nevada representatives are planning to challenge the results of the competition as their project is 900 thousand dollars cheaper in comparison with others.

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