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Unicode accepted symbol of Russian ruble

Graphic symbol of ruble will be included to the International Unicode standard version 7.0

16.Jul.14 9:39 AM
By Dmitry Zaitsev


Unicode accepted symbol of Russian ruble
Wikipedia says that Unicode is a standard that is used for symbol encoding. This standard represents practically all symbols of written languages. It was created in 1991 by non-commercial organization that is called “Unicode Consortium” and now it is widely used.

The fact that symbol of Russian ruble has officially been accepted makes it possible for developers of different informational who are using Unicode as primary table of symbols’ codes products to identify this currency correctly. At the same time consumers will be able to use different programs and devices which will be using encoding of Russian ruble in a proper way.

It should also be mentioned that symbol of ruble has been officially introduced in 2013 by Bank of Russia.

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