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Undersea electricity link is due to connect Portugal and Morocco

Portugal is seeking possibility to increase energy export.

14.Jun.16 6:13 AM
By Vladimir Vasiliev


Undersea electricity link is due to connect Portugal and Morocco

Great boost in hydro and wind production in Portugal made it possible to increase energy export to Spain by 278% for the period of 12 months, to the end of May.  Now Portugal has the only capacity to export energy via its larger neighbor. Then Spain feeds excessive amount to the Europe’s energy system via France.  

Morocco linked to the Europe production facilities via two underwater power cables of maximum capacity 800 MW from the Spain coast.

So two countries are interested in constructing energy link between them. This week existing interest has been formalized as an agreement, signed by Portugal's Manuel Caldeira Cabral and Morocco's Abdelkader Amara. Agreement covers not only electricity but cooperation in other energy sectors also.

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