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UN: Russia is the World’s Leader with the Biggest Number of Refugees

It is the first time in country’s history.

18.Jun.15 6:35 PM
By Abigail Richards


UN: Russia is the World’s Leader with the Biggest Number of Refugees
Russian Federation is the most popular country in the world when it comes to refugees. According to recent report made by UN High Commissioner who deals with refugees over 275 thousand foreign citizens applied to Russian authorities for shelter due to war actions or pursuits.

It is noted in the report that 274 700 request and claims for shelter have been officially registered in Russian Federation during 2014.  All of them were made by foreign individuals. 7 000 of those requests were regarding providing foreigners with refugee status. Considering this statistics Russian has become world’s leader in this rate in 2014.  

Authors of the report say that the defining aspect of such increasing interest of refugees towards Russia became war conflict which is taking place on the territory of Ukraine. 99% of all requests were made by citizens of Ukraine. They are all looking for shelter on the territory of Russian Federation.

It should also be noted that UN specialists stress special approach which was established by Russia and Belorussia towards all refugees. 90% of all requests are considered to be grounded while in Europe this rate does not exceed 10%.

At the same time many analytics say that there have been more requests to provide Ukrainian citizens with shelter in comparison with Syrians who from the main world’s group of refugees at the moment.

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