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UK authorities interested in studying crypto-currency assets

The working group under the government should identify the risks of their use.

24.May.18 1:46 PM
By Shawn Highstraw


UK authorities interested in studying crypto-currency assets
The majority of modern states conduct active legislative activity with a view to creating a legal framework that allows regulating virtual currencies. Interest in crypto-active people is also evident in the UK: the authorities even formed a working group that completely immersed in the study of this topic. It is expected that experts will identify the advantages and disadvantages of using digital assets. In addition, they will need to understand whether the blockade has any risks for the financial sector.

At the moment, the representatives of the working group are already talking about the importance of studying crypto assets, which have long been in the focus of attention of investors, stock exchanges and regulators. At the same time, in many countries there are no norms regulating relations between participants in the crypto-currency market.

It is assumed that in the process of work, specialists will be based on data provided by the government: agencies have come a long way in the process of studying digital assets. Also, the working group intends to take into account information coming from trade organizations and even private individuals with knowledge of the industry.

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