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UK announced the launch of the first in the country ICO

Pre-ICO launched on 15th September, with ICO launch on 1 October.

20.Sep.17 3:45 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


UK announced the launch of the first in the country ICO

The launch of the Seratio Platform ICO and Seratio Token (SER) is the first ever ICO from a UK-based organization. The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) is a British think-tank and-not-for-profit university spin-out, establishing the Seratio Platform with the support of the UN Blockchain Lab. As a UK-registered company already operating in a highly regulated environment, CCEG is strongly committed to meeting all regulatory requirements.

Seratio Token is supported by the main bitcoin producer and prolific investor Chandler Guo, as well as as well as a host of cryptocurrency regulatory, security and legal experts, and CCEG’s more than 60,000 members and 7000 Heads of Corporate Social Responsibility.

A distinctive feature of Token Seratio is the ability to capture financial assets, microshares and origin of transactions involving people, products, processes, projects, and organizations.

The Seratio Token is also the first issue of a resilient Ethereum token in the UK. The Seratio Enterprise Blockchain Platform is an all-in-one blockchain environment with three key distinguishing themes:

-          Cryptocurrency (financial assets) linked to intangible value and sets of values;

-          Tokenised Currency (non-financial assets) linked tointangible value and sets of values;

-          Provenance (financial and non-financial assets) via traceability, recording and tracking.

The platform allows enterprises (individuals, companies, organisations, institutions, etc.) to earn, to carry out transactions, spend, to trade and control their digital assets. This ability to commit the transaction cost has been thoroughly tested over the last three years.

The SER will function as a parent currency to a growing Seratio Community, coins rely on the platform Seratio, reflecting the value of a specific property for specific people, including coins and tokens, which contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The SER will function as a parent currency for the growing Seratio Community, with coins reliant on the Seratio platform reflecting the worth of specific values to specific people, including coins and tokens that promote the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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