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Two Nano-Satellites Will be Sent to Mars

They will process and transfer data about structure of the Red Planet.

14.Jun.15 10:45 AM
By Anna Nekrasova
Photo Yandex


Two Nano-Satellites Will be Sent to Mars
NASA is planning to send two nano-satellites in 2016. It is already known that they will be launched from Vandenberg Air Force base with the help of Atlas-5 rocket carrier.

According to available information two satellites are absolutely equal. They are called MarKO and look like small suitcases. Such devices have already been sent to the orbit. They were used as additional cargo and were developed by students. This time satellites will be used to process and transfer information about conditions and operation of Insite research apparatus. It was developed to proceed with research works of Mars.

Representatives of US Space Department said that satellites are considered to be experimental project. In other words it will be implemented to support Insite mission but they wonít guarantee missionís success. Satellites will make it possible to proceed with additional transmission of information without pending. The main source of connection with Insite is Mars Orbiter probe.

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