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Two Losses for Russian Hockey Team against Czech Republic

Russian players were hopeless against their rivals within two matches.

09.Feb.15 1:44 PM
By Irina Klyachina


Two Losses for Russian Hockey Team against Czech Republic
Another stage of European Hockey Tour ended with a loss for Russian players. The tournament is taking place in Karlovy Vary. Russian team was not able to take the challenge of tournament hosts and lost in two matches in a row. The first game ended up with 3:0 while the second one turned out to be rather exciting and tough. However Russians were still unable to beat their rivals. The score was 3:4 after the final whistle.

The first game has shown that the starting line-up was experimental and not optimal. This fact was also confirmed by the head coach of Russian team who was not frustrated after the first result. However he paid attention to some serious mistakes in the game of his players.

It seems like both coach and team used those mistakes in order to improve the game before the second match which took place on the 7th of February. This time Russian players showed good attacking skills and managed to score three times. However their rivals had more lick and won scoring 4 goals in response.

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