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Turkish hotels are forced to drastically reduce prices for accommodation

In the country there has been a reduction of tourism from Russia, Germany and the UK.

27.Apr.16 6:55 AM
By Alesya Davydova


Turkish hotels are forced to drastically reduce prices for accommodation
Turkish hotels continue to lose tourists, forcing them to sharply reduce prices for accommodation. On Monday according to the Association of tour operators of Russia with reference to the materials of the hotel Association of Turkey (TUROB).

In March, the occupancy rate of hotels in Istanbul amounted to only 51.9 percent, which is twenty percent lower than in the same month of the previous year. In the whole country, this figure fell by 16.5 per cent to 52.5%. A sharp reduction in the number of tourists has an impact on the price policy of the hoteliers. Most of them were forced to significantly reduce the cost of staying in hotels. So, in Istanbul a night in a hotel will now be about 91.9 per Euro, although it used to be the number, on average, cost the tourists to 140 euros. This amount is even less than the average European price for accommodation in most countries the stay is costing travelers in 108,1 euros per day.

TUROB analysts note that prices in hotels on the coast, where the room rate has traditionally been higher, gradually approaching the city. Most of the reduction in tourist flow was due from the reduction in the number of Russian, German and British holidaymakers.

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