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Turkish airlines has cancelled flights on a transport run to Istanbul

Novosibirsk international airport in search of a new carrier.

24.Mar.17 4:40 AM
By Nikolai Vinogradov


Turkish airlines has cancelled flights on a transport run to Istanbul
According to the press service of the airport "Tolmachevo", the airline "Turkish Airlines" in the coming days, cancels flights with points of the message Novosibirsk Istanbul. Now the airport in Novosibirsk in search of a new carrier to operate this route. A passenger on the flight to Istanbul increased, reported at the airport.

The airport management also said that in February and March 2017, the year recorded a significant increase in the number of passengers on the transport line from Novosibirsk to Istanbul. In February the growth of passenger traffic amounted to 36%, comparing this figure with last year's results. Also in March, the demand for this flight is up more than 27% than last year.

According to statistics, the Istanbul direction is traditionally popular for business tourists and travelers from the Siberian region. An extensive route network, which is provided by the airports of Istanbul, offers to tourists the access to the countries and cities of the Middle East, Africa, and territories in North America, noted the specialists of "Tolmachevo". Direct flights from Novosibirsk to Istanbul Turkish airlines opened in 2012-m to year.

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