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Turkey is Ready to Start Construction of the Turkish Stream

They only need exact coordinates for gas pipeline from Russia.

05.Jun.15 4:11 PM
By Elena Nekrasova


Turkey is Ready to Start Construction of the Turkish Stream
According to information provided by Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural resources Taner Yildiz, Ankara is ready to start construction of the Turkish Stream. The gas pipeline is supposed to be built on surface.

Turkish Minister said that the only thing they need to start all necessary construction operations is exact coordinates for future gas pipeline provided by Russian federation. As soon as Turkish side will receive needed data they will immediately start construction of the Turkish Stream.

It should be noted that pipeline project called the South Stream was cancelled by Russian government. It was supposed to be constructed along the territory of Bulgaria.

Land plot of the Turkish Stream which is 190 km distance will go through land plot of Turkey. That is why Turkish government has already forwarded request to representatives of Russian side to provide them with all necessary information and data to launch the project.

It is known that Russian Federation has already informed its Turkish partners about future coordinates but not in full volume. That is why new request has been sent to specify necessary information.

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