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Trump told Lavrov the secrets of U.S. intelligence?

The Washington Post and several other American publications have accused the President of the United States in the transfer the secret information about the group “Islamic State” to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

16.May.17 7:24 AM
By Christina Orlina


Trump told Lavrov the secrets of U.S. intelligence?
Criticism fell upon Trump and the opposition democrats. Adviser to the head of the White House on issues of national security Herbert McMaster, who personally was at the meeting of Donald Trump and Sergey Lavrov last week, refuted the prosecution of media: “Today's story in the form in which it was reported was a lie. The President and the Foreign Minister discussed the common threats from terrorist organizations, including threats to civil aviation. But in any case, nothing was said about the sources and methods of intelligence. The president did not disclose the data about military operations, which would not be known publicly. I was at this meeting and I know what was said. Thank you all. Bye!”.

Media published the message, referring to anonymous sources in the American administration who called the information that was discussed  “top secret”, but refused to disclose it. The media make it clear that you know what exactly was there, but not talking about it openly, in order, not to become the disseminators of secret data.

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