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Trump is preparing to reveal details of tax reform

The President of the United States Donald Trump is preparing to unveil its plan for tax reform on Wednesday.

27.Apr.17 4:46 AM
By Christina Orlina


 Trump is preparing to reveal details of tax reform
Reduction of the tax burden was one of the main election promises of Trump, which he confirmed, speaking four days after the inauguration.

Trump said in the U.S. Congress on February 28, 2017: “Now the American companies pay the highest taxes in the world. my economic team is developing a historic tax reform that will reduce taxes and will make our companies more competitive and prosperous”. Now the income tax American companies is 35%.

In addition to companies, the administration intends to ease the process of payment of taxes and ordinary Americans. Steven Mnuchin, the Minister of Finance, states: “We want to create a system where every average american would be able to paint their taxes on a postcard, and not in the ledger”. It is expected that on Wednesday the detailed bill will be published, which has not yet been prepared by the Ministry of Finance, but only its main points.

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