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Trichologist And G. Parfenov: alopecia is a problem that can be combated

Effective treatment of alopecia.

05.Feb.16 8:32 AM
By Swan


Trichologist And G. Parfenov: alopecia is a problem that can be combated
The problem of baldness faced by more people. And this applies not only men but also women. Statistics show that women now suffer from this disease, not less frequently than men. And if for men it is unfortunate, but quite a real phenomenon, for women this is a big problem, because there is a lot of psychological problems.

In medicine is called alopecia areata. There are two types of disease focal and androgenic. The disease a variety of factors ranging from stress, and to improper care and serious illnesses.

Dr. Parfenov And G. notes, when the first signs of baldness, immediately seek help. Treatment of alopecia are trichologists. At this specialized center "Blagovest".

Applying to the "Blagovest" you can count on:
Determining the cause and treatment of baldness;
The treatment of baldness and alopecia in women and children;
The treatment of baldness in the centre and at home. 
Help services during seasonal hair loss;
Restore hair in alopecia.

The main advantages of the cent "toll":
20 years of successful scientific research in the field of trichology;
The use of modern methods, including unique methods
Professionalism of the medical staff;
Free re-consultations during the year.

The website of the center:
Phones: +7 (495) 669-20-42
8 (916) 805-25-27
Email: [email protected]

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