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Traditions of the Chinese feast

What you need to know is that everything goes at the right level.

10.Jun.18 12:15 PM
By Abigail Richards


Traditions of the Chinese feast
Chinese cuisine has a rich millennial history, in connection with which there is a huge number of traditions. When organizing a Chinese feast, it is necessary to understand that the Chinese have a special attitude to food and are most attentive to the dishes that are served on the table.

It is worth noting that the Chinese table is very different from the usual to us. In particular, we are talking not only about the dishes served, but also about their aesthetic appearance, the rules of table layout, the use of glasdrehteller-esstisch, seating of guests and much more.

When serving the table, it is important to put in its center a special glass rotating plate, on which all dishes will be made, so that each guest will have access to all the goodies. It should be understood that the rotating plate should be suitable in size, it should not occupy the entire table area, since there is room for pialas and cutlery (sticks and spoons).

Serving a table for a Chinese dinner, each guest should put the bowls, and next place the sticks and spoons from porcelain. If guests from China attend the dinner, it is very important that the bowls, sticks and spoons are of high quality, due to which it will be possible to show a high level of culture and not to offend the guest.

And, of course, the Chinese feast should imply the supply of real Chinese tea, which must be properly brewed. For welding it is better to use special utensils.

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