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Toyota stopped sales of three models of cars in Russia

This reaction to a significant drop in demand.

14.Jan.16 10:21 AM
By Elena Tkachenko


Toyota stopped sales of three models of cars in Russia
In the near future variety of the Japanese Toyota cars on the roads of the Russian Federation will be reduced, as it became known that the company stopped deliveries to the domestic market three models. And, according to experts, this decision was due to low demand for these machines.

It is worth noting that we are talking about models of the Auris, and Verso Venza. It is known that for the last three years were sold in Russia of cars of Toyota Auris all 3.7 thousand, the price of one machine the base set is 1059000 rubles. As for the two models, Toyota Verso eleven thousand were sold in six years at a price of 1. rubles, and the Venza ten thousand in the past two years on 2190000 rubles.

It is also noteworthy that the model of the Venza, despite excellent performance, no longer sell in the United States, this model now can be bought only in Canada and China.

According to the company, in total, for the year Toyota sold in the Russian Federation 86800 cars at an average cost of 2 million rubles, thus obtaining 175 billion in revenue.

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