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“Torpedo” Nizhny Novgorod smashed “Yugra”

Sakari Salminen and Voytek Volsky have led their team to a final victory.

07.Aug.14 1:45 PM
By Sportkor Irina


“Torpedo” Nizhny Novgorod smashed “Yugra”
Torpedo from Nizhny Novgorod managed to beat Yugra from Khanty-Mansiysk in the final match within training period which has taken place in Heinola, Finland. The final score was 5:2.

Elari Milart from Yugra managed to score on the 4th minute of the first period. This was due to the fact that Torpedo acted a bit passive on the pitch in the beginning of the match.

Torpedo players began to act more aggressively in the second period. Both Salminen and Volsky managed to score twice. The score was 4:2.

The last word in this match was for Nikita Dvurechensky. He forwarded puck into the empty hockey goals.

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