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Torpedo is Out of Gagarin Cup

SKA won in the final match of the series.

06.Mar.15 6:21 PM
By Irina Klyachina


Torpedo is Out of Gagarin Cup
Final match in the play-off round has turned out to be fatal for Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod hockey team. This was a final battle against SKA St. Petersburg.  Nizhny Novgorod team lost in this match with the final score 0:2. It means that it is out of Gagarin Cup.

Comfortable handicap was earned by SKA players in the middle of the first period. Mortensson and Torensen scored two goals providing their team with a good advantage for the rest of the game. Torpedo was pushing and trying to perform good attacking play during the last two periods. However they were hopeless against SKA defense. The final score in play-off series is 4:1.

Head coach of Nizhny Novgorod team shared his opinion in the after-match interview:

“We watched a very interesting match today. It was spectacular and exciting. We failed first 5 minutes at the beginning of the game. We needed to score in the second period in order to grab a chance and save this match. At the same time we had a lack of quality in the final stage of our attacks. Petersburg performed great defense play. Koskinen was good”.

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